Analysis Of Corn (Zea Mays L.) Farming In Sukodai Village, Kangkung District, Kendal Regency

  • Umi Munfa’atun Nabila Universitas Wahid Hasyim
  • Endah Subekti
  • Rossi Prabowo Universitas Wahid Hasyim
  • Istanto Universitas Wahid Hasyim
Keywords: corn, total cost, revenue, income, R/C value


Corn is a type of grain food crop and is a secondary crop commodity. This study aims to examine 1) Total cost, revenue and income of corn farming in Sukodadi village, Kangkung subdistrict, Kendal regency. 2) BEP Unit value and BEP Price in Sukodadi village, Kangkung subdistrict, Kendal regency. 3) Feasibility level of corn farming in Sukodadi village based on R/C value. The sampling method was carried out by proportionate stratified randoml sampling with a total of 25 farmers as respondents. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, questionnaires, documentation and literature review. The research results are based on land ownership status, namely own land, rented land, and owned and rented land, the obtained sequentially 1) Total cost of IDR 2,747,144; IDR 4,453,125 and IDR 3,198,918; Revenue amounting to IDR 6,932,727; IDR 7,615,455 and IDR 5,340,000; Income of IDR 4,185,583; IDR 3,162,330; and IDR 2,141,082. 2) BEP Unit of 549 Kg, 886 Kg and 640 Kg; while BEP Price is IDR 1,988/Kg, IDR 2,987/Kg and IDR 2,999/Kg. 3) R/C Value is 2.5; 1.7; and 1.7.