• Jurnal Agroekoteknologi dan Agribisnis

    Jurnal Agroekoteknologi dan Agribisnis (JAA) is a scientific journal publishing research results from various scope in agriculture such as agricultural economy, agribusiness management, agroecotechnology, and animal husbandry. JAA aims to publish original results from researches and reviews that will enrich the knowledge

    JAA is published by Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Bogor. Online and printed version of JAA was first published in 2017. JAA is published periodically twice a year, in June and December with registration numbers ISSN 2599-039X (print) and 2599-0381 (online).



    Editorial Address
    Jl. Aria Surialaga no 1, Pasir Kuda, Kota Bogor 16119
    Telepon/Faksimili: (0251) 8355371
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  • Jurnal Penyuluhan Pertanian

    Jurnal Penyuluhan Pertanian (JPP) is a peer-review journal published by Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Bogor (Polbangtan) in collaboration with Perhimpunan Ahli Penyuluhan Pembangunan Indonesia (PAPPI) and Asosiasi Program Studi Penyuluhan, Komunikasi Pembangunan, dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Indonesia (APP-KPPMI). JPP is investigating agricultural issues regarding human behavior transformation and communication. Manuscripts must be original and have never been published elsewhere. JPP is published twice a year (May and November) with registration numbers ISSN 1907-5893 (print) and 2599-0403 (online).


    Editorial Address

    Jln. Aria Surialaga No 1, Cibalagung Bogor 16001
    Telepon/Fax : (0251) 8355371
    Alamat Portal: